Real Estate Investors: Essential Elements and Techniques to Include in a Great Marketing Plan

by Joe Thomas on January 4, 2012

So now we have all of this great information about marketing your real estate investment business. Let’s break it down into a basic checklist to get you started on your way to establishing a great real estate investment marketing plan that you can develop into the future.

Elevator Speech

An elevator speech is a “must have” tool for marketing your investment business and finding private lenders. A simple 60-second speech about what you do and what you have accomplished will leave you prepared to network with anyone you meet, anywhere, and any time of the day. Make it concise, to the point, and then practice it.

Real Estate Investment Clubs

Start joining real estate investment clubs and other organizations to network with other investors. Your local investment club is a great place to begin getting your name out there about who you are and what it is that you do.

Direct Response Marketing

Start creating a direct response marketing campaign by writing letters, sending postcards, and offering free information about your real estate investment business. You can do this effectively by creating and building a good swipe file and then honing some basic copywriting skills for writing attention-grabbing headlines and hitting the right buttons in the advertising message. Combine this with a well developed mailing list and you are on your way to a successful direct response marketing campaign.

Speeches and Presentations

Develop a great speech or educational presentation on your real estate investment business. During the speech or presentation, offer free advice and show your expertise as an investor, as well as the benefits the client will receive by investing in your real estate deal.

Newspapers and Flyers

Use your local newspaper to offer a seminar or any kind of free information on real estate investment. Remember that you are offering information in the advertisement instead of outright advertising for private lenders to keep yourself out of trouble with the SEC. Create flyers to invite people to a seminar you are giving on real estate investment.


Word of mouth advertising is a powerful way to get the word out about your real estate investment business and the Internet is no different. Take it upon yourself to get a social media page going on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and some of the other social media sites.

Establish a blog that offers information and advice for other real estate investors and contribute to their blog in return. Create articles in your blog that offer advice on real estate investing and use them on article marketing sites.

Develop an online mailing list and start an online newsletter that offers information on real estate investment that is targeted toward your specific audience and real estate niche.

If you feel really ambitious, create a website that offers all of your products and services in one location as well as another source where people can contact you. You can use your website address in all of your email signatures, on social media sites, blogs, and article marketing sites.


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boris stitic January 21, 2012 at 3:32 am

Balkan Connect

We developed internal name for our project Balkan-Connect and that is Limitless Vision Window.

We have already developed an manufactured a working prototype of our project in which we invested a lot of our founds and two years our own work on idea, developing and testing.
For finishing project, we need some additional founds, so that we can create universal portal in mind with humanitarian support for Balkanian children’s which were victims of war and mines.

The project is universal because it combines six different components so that completes in a some kind of a online market where people can do all in one place. The idea is to present our project in the way like the medival markets where all people joined in one place to trade between each other and to talk about new things.

So the project covers these areas:

Balkan Connect

Balkan-Connect is business and social network for which we planed that will reconnect people from ex yugoslavia, because people wish to connect between each other. On the business side of network we wish to connect company and end user. On the social side the plan is to connect people and develop web apps for dating an playing online.


Balkan-Business is web classifieds app that allows people to trade their used things and it covers the whole area of Balkan so we are talking about millions of people which all of them understand others because of our recant past .


In Balkan-Shop we offering merchandise for everyone. Here you can buy everything from toys to computers. Because world is globalizing we decided to sell the goods cheaper than other stores, cause people deserve honest price.


The idea for Balkan-tube was born when watched old videos and talking about how great would be if our friends from Balkan could see that. Yes we know that Youtube exist but many people prefer local sites cause they trust in them a whole lot more than in other pages.


We connected with the company from Croatia which provides chat, video chat, travel sim (calling for the lowest rates in any country). Travel sim is designed for mobile phones, for the stationary phones we provide network so that you can call travel sim for free.


Balkan-Fundacija is foundation for children who need medical help or been victims of mines from war. Balkan is still full of mines and a lot of poorness and that’s why we believe they need help. We will have an annual public voting for users so that they can decide to which organization they want to donate.

The project

We developed a single registration and log-in for all six pages and combined it to one. Registration is free and will always be free. We will have no limits for users and they will be able to have numerous ads or friend or anything else. All major web sites wants you to pay for more ads and have other limitations for which we thing that are annoying from the user side view.
We provided the option for user so they can advertise their add on all of our pages and with that increasing chances for selling. For every sold item in our shop we will donate 5% from retail price and 10% from advertising for Balkan-Foundation. There have been showed a lot of interest for project from current users and companies so the first results are very positive. Internet marketing is very poorly covered on Balkan, only 3-5% uses internet as a promoting or selling tool and here we see our chance for success. If we take America for example where internet marketing is very good covered we can all predict what are the possibilities for business. We have business plan in which is exactly described return on capital. We are in search of investor that would provide founds for completing the project. We have quite a few offers for investments, but we want a single investor which would become a long term business partner. We also have some offers to sell the project but we are not interested in that. For the future we are planing to develop another project that will cover all existing areas on a global level but currently we are focused on Balkan.


We launched a prototype on November 8. 2011 and we already have a 20000 views of page and 2000 new users. Our page was viewed from 360 cities in 75 different countries all over the world.
Based on this basic statistic we expect great business because we didn’t invest not a single € Eur in marketing and promotion. If you are interested in cooperation don’t hesitate to contact us. We will gladly answer to all of your questions.
I thank you in advance for your reply.

Best regards
Balkan-Connect Team

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