How To Market Real Estate Investing Successfully By Simon A Macharia

by Joe Thomas on October 16, 2012

In order to be successful in real estate investing, you must have good marketing for your products and services. You cannot rely on just one marketing strategy; successful marketing is a cumulative effect of several strategies.

This article discusses the most effective marketing strategies you must employ in your real estate investing business.

i) Email marketing
Email marketing forms one of the most important components of successful marketing today. As a real estate investor, you must build a list of people interested in buying the properties you sell.

A good real estate investor website can help you build this buyers list. A good real estate investing website must allow potential buyers to join your buyers list as they view your properties.

Once you have new properties for sale, you just need to email your buyers list. It is possible to get a buyer after just one email.

ii) Social media
In this time and age, almost everyone is a member of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter among others. Always make a point of inviting new people that you meet in business circles as your friends in social media.

With referrals, your list is likely to grow.

You are likely to reach a lot of people whenever you need to get the word out about something.

Facebook and LinkedIn are probably the best in this respect.

iii) Blogging
Search engines love fresh content. In turn, search engines bring you visitors through this content.

As a real estate investor, you must have a website for real estate investing that comes integrated with a blog. This allows you to write articles directly from your website. A blog that is well optimized for search engines also informs search engines about the fresh content so they can index it right away.

iv) Search engine optimization
Most people start their search for information from search engines especially Google and Bing. Most people looking to buy or sell houses start their search on the internet.

Therefore if they find you first when they are looking for your kind of services, they are likely to become your clients.

Search engine optimization works to place your website higher than your competition in search results.

A good real estate investor website should come with its content well optimized for search engines.

You can then build quality back links with relevant content to further optimize your website. The more back links coming from other websites to your website, the more popular search engines consider your website to be, and the higher they rank you.

You must be careful not to do this too fast, otherwise search engines will blacklist you for spamming.

Be careful to choose a company that know SEO well or you can have your website disappear from search results.

v) Direct mail
Targeted direct mail is very important in marketing your real estate business. You have probably used post cards or letters to reach potential clients.

The more targeted your mailing list is, the better the response you get from your marketing campaigns.

We have covered this topic in great detail in separate articles.

vi) Networking
Be sure to join a real estate investing group to network with more like-minded people. You get to meet buyers, sellers, contractors, title companies, mortgage lenders and so on.

You end up closing more deals as it puts you ahead in your marketing.

An interactive website for real estate investing integrated with an optimized blog is crucial to the success of your real estate investing business.

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