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by Joe Thomas on January 18, 2011

Numerous entrepreneurs or real property investors new towards the process of gathering private funds feel that the quality of their business opportunity or company should be critical to acquiring private money lenders. The private mortgage lenders who go through this are smiling, since this attitude is so common and diametrically opposed to from the truth.

The truth is the fact that success in raising private cash from private investment traders has a lot more to do with you, your group along with the relationships you build. It’s a procedure that I integrate into my GRAD formulation (Get Ready, Attract, Deliver).

I wish to talk about the “Attract” part of your system, simply because unless you might be talking to the correct persons who may be enthusiastic about private mortgage lending, the best preparation, and finest pitch are going to fall on “deaf” ears. As well as the world of private investment lending is all about relationships.

Think about it. Suppose some property investor came to you asking to get a $100K investment imagining you could possibly be their private money lender. Would you even give them a moment of your time when you didn’t know them plus your colleagues or friends weren’t friends with them also? Not hardly.

Networking for Private Mortgage Lenders

And most “networking” meetings whose introduced objective is uncover individuals like private mortgage lenders, remember that designation. Contrary to typical practice, the profitable networker is not the someone who comes up with the very most business cards. How many potential private investors do you believe will bear in mind you (or even wish to bear in mind you) after a 1 min talk which was made up mostly of you yammering on about your investment or your company to them?

Real networking for private money is about constructing effective and mutually advantageous relationships with people who may well have an interest in making a private investment. The things the prosperous networker asks when he or she meets somebody (regardless of whether they’re looking to raise private investment or some thing else) is:
• Who are you?
• How can I serve you?

“Serve” will be the operative phrase. No matter how significantly you think you realize about a private money lender, or his business, or the organizations she is part of, the only one who can respond to the query “how can I serve you?” is the personal investor on their own.

Don’t think you have knowledge that you don’t. Don’t attempt to determine what you have got to achieve. Most people today wish to have personal and professional relationships with “givers” not “takers”. Do not you?

Yes, it does take some time to build a relationship of trustworthiness and respect having a private money lender who initially does not know you. You can find no short cuts to creating a personal relationship.

Well… In fact I can think of one! Start by making an effort with the relationships with men and women you by now know, and individuals they already know. Do that with attention to detail, and in a really brief time you’ll find that living in your midst, are a lot of private mortgage lenders that may be considering participating inside your real estate offers.

Since this is a social blog, and I realize there are lots of extremely productive networkers, I’d prefer to ask:

“What networking strategies have been profitable for you?”
“How may possibly I serve you?”

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Professor Richard Odessey, is known for his expert knowledge on private mortgage lending. A 10 yr Property veteran, Richard finds private loan for his own personal acquisitions and is a private money lender himself. Having been on both sides of the podium, he shares with his subscribers, the real advice that will net them millions of dollars in private investment funds.

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